1958 Brockway Skiff Welcome to
Thats me over there...
The home of the "Backyard Renegade"
On my way to NYC

He's the "Stanley Sieminski" (un-societys child)
"Stanley" like the Brockways' it is fashioned after drew a few snide comments, but that was just from folks who did not know him. Like my friend Stanley, it's big tough and not great lookin' with a few mistakes and built from scrap left about the shop. Still it's one of the best friends you could ever have. Stanley will never let you down...you could throw a 10 horse on, load up the gear, and he'll get up and run you at a pace straight to hell and back again. But you gotta take care cause if you push him to far he'll throw you hard, then again sometimes he'd do it anyway...just for kicks. But if you were blind, to blind to stay the course, Stanley will always be there to make sure you're eventually home to a safe port. Of course, he was usually the one who got you blind in the first place...and he was not necessarily any better off at the time........but that's just my opinion!

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Set for a day on the River Great family rowboat for light waters.. Hey, that's my little shop back there. With lights for Crabbing, Blue Crabs Rule...and thay hurt too!

(Stanley gets his 15 minutes...)
I just finished this boat in time for the producer in NYC to use it to film part of a Celebrex (arthritis medicine) commercial. If you see the commercial that starts with the ladies in orange karate uniforms doing some sort of workout, there is two shots of this boat about half way through the commercial. In the commercial, it does not carry the engine or running lights.

Stanley, you lived your life like you knew you were destined to die young..as we all did..I still think of you daily, even in the bad times I raise a toast to you and know that you would be better off if you were still here. .
You said you had a black heart but I know you better, when I teach my children about loyalty I tell them about my buddy Stanley Sieminski.
I know you're up there drivin' around in that old 69 Biscayne Chevrolet so here's to you my friend,
Rest in Peace
I'll see you on the other side.....


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