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My first "Cartopper"

Here are some pictures of the Payson "Cartoppers" I have built. The most recent project is "Wood Spirit" which I will document here for a while. I delivered this boat and test-drove it last fall. I am still building the Mast, Tiller and Centerboard and I have also ordered, and received the sail from Dynamite Payson.
"Cartopper" is a plan available from "". It is about twelve feet long and without the seats weighs about 100 pounds. I have one of these that I am just finishing up which will be available in the Spring ready for sail, give me a buzz if you think you may be interested.

clear coat not really reccomended Interlux is nice...worth the extra few dollars

This is the third one of these I have built and I am starting to get it down. My first two were built for rowing so those of you who are familiar with the original design will notice the seats I have added. The original was designed more for sailing, the seat is a small "box" which sits on the false floor for use when rowing and is better left on shore while sailing. The center seat I put in this boat is adjustable for big and little people. I also added a rear seat but if you sit back there alone in the boat you will not see over the bow almost to the point of being dangerous. I may remove the rear seat from future versions.

The is near...for Wood Spirit.. Somewhat sanded Me again. Looking ahead.

I finished this one off with Interlux Bright Sides and at 22 bucks instead of the 10 I usually pay for Benny Moore, I did like the way it sprayed. All of the hardware here is Bronze and Stainless Steel. The painter, oarleathers, and a few small utility ropes are hand spliced of nylon and dacron. The "utility ropes" not shown here were added when the customer saw the way my small fishing skiff was set up.

Unfinished The insides again.

Here is a better shot of the interior and centerboard case. You can also see the simple frame I have added to lay the removable/moveable center seat on. I will attempt to get some better detail photos of her up ASAP.


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