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"Little Joe", a motor pram.

Here in Essex we are on the banks of the Connecticut River, which creates some special circumstances for a tender. This River is very large and the water moves at a good pace, especially near the mouth which leads into Long Island Sound.

"It's still not wide enough in the middle to name it after me"
(anonymous)...But I did anyway...

I have actually changed this vessel several times since it's inception. It is a great tender and stays very dry. Reports have it rowing better the more weight you load in it. This is also a great little boat for kids in a small area, and at 55 Lbs. can be moved or stowed very easily.

For a limited time, plans for "Little Joe" are available, .

My boat on Rogers Lake. It is carrying a 3 HP motor which nicely moved 450 lbs. equipment and crew and still left 8 inches of draft. This was one of the origionals, changes have been made since, particularly in the bow where I added a lot of rake to keep the boat drier. Ain't she purty?

I believe "Payson's Elegant Punt" is probably better used as a drift boat, a lake boat, or a smooth slow water tender ( I have never sailed one ).
For the river I needed something else. After searching my plans and not finding what I wanted, I sat down and designed, scaled, and then I built this boat with the vast Connecticut River in mind. I gave my design a little higher and smaller bow transom, as well as a "Vee" type bottom with slightly less rocker and made it "real"...uh...pudgy...for um, well anyway.... I also built the transom to hold a two horse. Reports have this boat rowing very well with equipment and crew, and a fellow who towed one out to "Block" in two foot seas said it arrived drier than he did.

This is another shot of the shape of the "Little Joe" hull. With her deep keel forward and exaggerated forward side flair she tows nicely and stays very dry. While she rows just fine, there is not a lot of legroom and she is probably best used as a kids boat, small motor transport, or mooring tender.
Here is a shot of My Pram with some other boats. The Pram is the one in the front. Behind it is "Ira's Double Paddle Dory", and two Payson boats, the "Elegant Punt" and the "Cartopper". 4 other boats


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