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Glenn and Me in 1980 !!
Here she is, Rosalita... Here is a Gloucester Gull, a "Payson/Bolger" design. This one will live on the south shore of Long Island and see quite a bit of what it was made to do. This is the first one of these I have made, once you flip the hull things really start to get exciting. I call this one, "Rosalita".
The hull is 6MM Okoume and the trim is Mahogany. All fastenings are hand nailed Bronze Silicone and the seams and scarfs are all laminated with Marine Epoxy and Fiberglass Tape. The gunnels are on and I am about ready to put in the seats and frame and a light glass sheathing on the exterior of the hull. Then I will put in the sculling notch and finish her off with a custom set of 7 1/2 foot oars with hand tied leathers and bronze hardware from "Shaw and Tenney" of Maine. She will be a sweet ride. Okoume, Mahogany, and Bronze
'Bout done... Well I am just waiting for the Oars from Shaw and Tenney. I will be bringing this one down to Long Island toward the end of the week, the customer will paint it and probably get it in the water a few times this year...I want one of these for myself, this thing is sure sweet.

Next we have a larger skiff I am building for a repeat customer...It is another "Gardner" boat but I have made some changes as per the customer. There is still a lot of work and shaping to be done here so don't mind the square lines of the transom...I just wanted to give you a quick look.

Here is a later shot.
With the floorboards
It is pretty standard construction but I have backed up all of the structural "wood to wood" with a layer or two of glass as well as the standard fastenings. I have talked about this on my message board in a little more detail. This boat will be sporting a couple of swivel seats and a brandy new 15 horse. It will be used primarily as a fresh water fishing boat in New Hampshire. Click on the photos for a larger view...

OK, lets talk about sailboats…Phtttttt is what I say. I love fishing that's why I build boats. There is no such thing as a fast sailboat! In fact I don't think the words fast and sailboat should be used together in a sentence. I shared this opinion with a fellow once who was serious into 12 meter racing (whatever that is) and he told me "Well you've just never been on a fast sailboat". He followed with some more quips and insults and I fired back with something an old fishing buddy of mine once said as I pointed out a sweet wooden sloop that was headed our way.
"Sure", he said, "I like Sailboats too…if you sink em' and come back the next season you will find some great Bass living around the hull!"
Well that pretty much ended that conversation and I suppose someday I will go ahead and build myself a nice sailboat, but for now I'm doing OK screaming along in my 8 foot skimmer with a tub "o" stinky bait, and a line fresh bent and ready to go….now if I can just remember where we sunk that dang sailboat!

Now as we look 2 years later at...
Scotty's Small Wooden Boat Shop...

A Gardner beauty

OK, ok.... so I'm building another sailboat, so what! It's a real nice sailboat. The hull will be 5Ply 6MM Marine Occume covered in Glass and Epoxy. She will sport a "Gunter Rig" sail setup with a retractable "beaching" centerboard and rudder. The further I get into this boat, the more this traditional Gardner hull starts to come together, and as I start to see how she will set in the water and run, the more I am starting to understand that may be you don't need to go fast... hey, did I say that out loud?. Anyway, I think I may bend on a sheet and give this one a run. I will try to post more pictures of this vessel as the construction continues.

OK it is now May and I am starting to catch up so I will be adding some pictures of this and hopefully some other boats.

Some pictures of a Light "Little Joe" being made.

Here is Little Joe... Here is his nose...he is thumbing it at you Anne! From the front..

06/16/01The first shot is before flotation and seats are put in, the second and third are side and bow shots. There is really not any of these photos or any others on the site that really show the shape of Joe correctly.

More stuff to come...


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