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My Boats

Call me Scotty...."The Backyard Renegade."
Growing up some 60 miles from the ocean, I never had a boat of my own as a child. I was always fascinated by boats and as an avid fisherman spent many hours fishing from shore trying to just get my line 20 yards further as I knew that's where all of the big fish would be...out a boat...... Skipping ahead to my mid thirties, I am building custom furniture of Oak and Maple and along comes this guy who gives me a book on plywood boats. This old book kicked around for a few years until I could not stand it anymore and I built a simple boat of plywood and glass.
I've built some 30 odd boats since then.

My first Boat!

My first boat was a small Payson barn door with a transom known as "Skimmer". Mine goes by the name "Little Wing" Not that it matters to the fish, but I have gotten a little better at it since then... I mean the boatbuilding, not the fishing.

This boat, found in Paysons' book "Build the New Instant Boats" is a ball of fun with an 8 horse, skimming along at about 20 mph with me and a big load of camping gear. Unfortunately I don't have all of the great pics of the first day my kid's and I launched her as some dirtbag stole our camera in the parking lot at Cedar Lake in Chester CT while we were out on the water. Anyway, here are some more of the boats I have built:

On Rogers Lake, Old Lyme CT The first War Canoe My first real Scrappie Sweet Bolger design
[ My Pram ] [ War Canoe ] [ The Classic Scrappies ] [ Cartopper ]
 Paysons Elegant Punt I seen the needle and the damage done...farewell Stanley, my friend... Streamin' Gleemin'.......
[ Elegant Punt ] [ Stanley Sie ] [ Current Projects ]

I would like to note that although I don't talk about it much as "The Backyard Renegade", pieceofshit LLC (me and my partner) is a USCG registered boat manufacturer who abides by all of the rules and regulations as set fourth by the USCG
"Safety Standards For Backyard Boat Builders - COMDTPUB P16761.3B".


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