The Herring Skiff
The Herring Skiff
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Free Plans by Ira Einsteen

Thank you to Ira for providing these great plans for anyone who wishes to look, dream, or build the Herring skiff. When I first approached Ira for permission to link to his plans, I asked him why he did not charge a little for them, below is a <snip> from his response.

Boat building has always been a very pleasurable hobby to me. The thought of trying to make money with it has crossed my mind, but realistically, I figured the amount of money I'd make wouldn't compensate for the enjoyment I get from the number of people who would just pick up the plans on the Web and go to work. The number would be MUCH lower if I asked people to pay for them, I always wondered what percentage of people who built the boat I would actually hear from. And as a person, who enjoys boat design himself, I know having the design is much more often simply fodder for some pleasant daydreaming. Most of that wouldn't happen if I put a price on the design. There's something nice about having a design in hand, knowing you have the necessary information if you wish to build it.
Dynamite Payson has been an inspiration to me, his book Go build a Boat, if I remember the title correctly, was what got me started in all this. (I don't own that one, though I have three of his others.) I'll have to buy Go build a Boat next time I see it. If even one person takes hammer in hand because they saw the Herring Skiff I'll feel like I've paid back a bit of what Dynamite gave me.

Click here to go toIra's Plans for the Herring Skiff

Or click here to go to Ira's Plans for the Double Paddle Dory

Note from Scotty. These plans are pretty complete and usable and Ira seems to answer e-mail. If you are really going to build this boat and cannot for what-ever reason contact Ira I would be happy to attempt an answer to any questions you may have concerning construction methods. I should note that the book Ira refers to above is Go Build Your Own Boat, I've since sent Ira an autographed copy from Dynamite. And to Ira, yes I have heard from folks who have built your boat. In fact I just received some photos recently I hope to have up by spring.


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